My top 10 resources for eating healthy, losing weight, and staying motivated

Hi guys,

So 2017 is old news now and 2018 is here! Yay!!  like many of you I’m feeling super guilty after indulging a little bit too much during the Holidays and I started writing down a few resolutions I would like to keep this year; however, there is way too much data that shows that most of us give up on our resolutions by February!  say whaaaat??  I know super disappointing and not encouraging at all,  that is why I believe that eating a healthy diet should start with every meal.  The reality is that when we wait until the beginning of a new year or even Monday to “eat better” or “start a diet and exercise”  we are only prolonging something that we know we should be doing “now” and it gives us a sense of entitlement to eat whatever we want before we start and basically we set ourselves for failure before we even begin.

Eating a healthy diet doesn’t have to difficult, expensive, or perfect.  The best way to start is by making a decision and start immediately.  Treat every meal as a “Monday” or as a “new year” and you will begin to make real changes.  Educate yourself about food and how it affects your body, learn where your food comes from and try eating local as much as possible, learn to read labels so that you know what you are putting in your body,  but more than anything eat real whole foods with every meal.

With all of that said, we all need a little help to help us get started and to stay on track, so here are  my top 10 resources for cooking healthy meals, losing weight, and staying motivated.

Top 3 Cooking Books (Plant Based):

  • Oh She Glows Cooking book by Angela Liddon  (you can get it here)
  • Oh She Glows Every Day cooking book by Angela Liddon (you can get it here )
  • Simple Green Smoothies  (you can get it here )

I use these cookbooks every single day! they are my go-to recipe books for dinners, snacks and green smoothies! all the recipes are plant based, gluten free, and super easy to make.


Top 3 Cooking Blogs (Plant Based):

Top 4 YouTube Channels:

  • Ellen Fisher  – I’m seriously obsessed with this girl and her beautiful family!
  • FullyRaw Kristina – Amazing raw vegan recipes
  • Rawvana – She has an English and a Spanish channel with great recipes
  • Yoga with Adriene –  Great yoga videos you can do from the comfort of your house

That is it friends!  no more excuses! these books, blogs, and channels are great resources to help you live a healthier lifestyle and hopefully they will help you stay motivated throughout the year.  Go ahead and click the links, check them out and let me know what you think!



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